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                首頁 / 國際部 / 關於我們 / 歡迎辭



                Dear Visitor:

                On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, I would like to thank you for visiting our web portal for the International Department of Beijing Bayi School.

                On 1 September 2016, The International Department will enter its fourth year stronger and better than ever. After a formative founding period of three years where we successfully implemented a very strong American - Chinese dual academic program in which our students achieved great results on the huikao, AP, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS examinations leading our first graduating class of 54 students to receive over 220 college offers and more than $1.6 million in scholarship award monies to attend colleges in the USA, Canada, and the UK, we are proud to share our department with you.

                More importantly than their performances on any standardized examinations, our students also achieved exceptional results in their academic coursework conducted equally in both English and Chinese. Our students take pride in the knowledge that they earn realistic grades (based on a scale of standards adopted from expectations at elite independent schools in the United States) in very challenging classes where not everyone can earn an A no matter how hard he or she works. This is a really difficult concept for many of our students and parents to accept or realize is possible at first. Yet, in the western world, a course in which every student can earn an A is thought to be too easy or too low level. Therefore, the courses are taught with demanding expectations, rigorous requirements, detailed writing and lab reports, and lots of projects. The net result is that earning a C or B is considered a very good grade, and earning an A is considered an exceptional grade–reserved only for those very top students who perform far above average. All of this hard work to achieve a realistic grading system and real grades has earned the Department an outstanding reputation with foreign universities who visit our school and know of our reputation.  This has allowed our students in the class of 2016 to be accepted into colleges overseas that vastly exceeded the expectations of their parents and our school administration.

                Certainly the support and dedication to the students from our world class, international faculty and leading-edge quality Chinese Class Teachers made this possible. Equally critical, however, was the complete devotion of our parents to their kids and the support for and confidence in the expertise of our department. Most realized quickly that attending classes in our school, rather than spending endless hours at test preparation centers was more beneficial to the their collegiate placement results and fundamental thinking and learning.

                In addition, our department's first graduating class was guided in their college admissions process to great collegiate success by a college counseling plan that began back in tenth grade with general parent and student coaching assemblies held with the college counselors, then transitioned to twice-weekly college counseling classes in the spring of junior year where a complete college application curriculum was set and delivered, and culminated with their assignment to 27:1 ratio of students to counselors in the fall of senior year to guide, advise, and coach them in their actual application process to "best fit" colleges and universities in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the USA. The faculty generated incredibly detailed letters of recommendation based on having taught the students in small class sizes, coached the students in dynamic and interesting co-curricular activities where students individual talents can shine, and advised them as official academic advisors as part of our 3-year-old advisory program based on model programs in exceptional independent schools in the United States.

                We are very pleased with and proud of our students who demonstrate a true passion and love for deep thinking and problem-solving, who work tirelessly to master knowledge and build a strong foundation for future academic success where ever they may go in their future. We know they will leave us as stronger, more thoughtful, and more daring and dynamic young people set to go abroad as excellent ambassadors of their home country and prepared to participate actively in building a great future for this planet and beyond based on their individual strengths and their common bond.

                We welcome you to visit our school and learn all about what we are doing, and why we believe we have the best international program in the city.


                Chancellor of International Education

                Beijing Bayi School



                2016年9月1日,國際部將迎來更好更壯大海南七星彩规律图大全的第四年。在前三年海南七星彩网上投注点的奠基下,我們成功實♀現了中美融合的課程體系,學生在會考、AP課程、SAT、托福和雅思的海南七星彩梦册下载考試中均取得了良好的成績。我們第一↓屆的畢業班包括54名學生,共收到了美國、加拿大和英國〖220余所大學的錄取海南七星彩解梦蛇通知書,榮獲的獎學⌒ 金超過160萬美元。與您共享國際部海南七星彩19027期推荐号码的榮譽,我們倍感☆驕傲。

                比起學生在標準化考▽試中的表現,更重要的是他海南七星彩1499期們在學術課中展現出的中英〗文雙語能力同樣出色。在一些非哈海南七星彩论坛常具有挑戰性的課程中,學生以學到的知識為傲,取得了實際成績海南七星彩论坛集聚地(課程的設置基於美國頂尖私立學校系列標準),但不論多海南七星彩周密解梦努力,也不是每個】人都能獲得A的成績。這對於很多學生和家長來說,剛開始都是很難接受了之 海南七星彩论坛也很難相信的。然而,在西方,如果每個學生都能在某門課上獲得A的成績,那麽♀這門課程不是太過簡單就是水平太低。因此,這些課程都具備很高的期望和很嚴的要求,涵蓋了海南七星彩版互换区復雜的寫作和實驗報告以及諸多課程。獲得C或B的凈學分已經是非常好的成績,A是很罕見海南七星彩开奖结果18148期的,只有遠高於平均水平的尖子生海南七星彩解梦网才能獲得。我們努力實現真正的分級制海南七星彩现场开奖度和真實的成績,這一切都為國際部帶來了傑出的榮譽,訪問我校的國外228O期海南七星彩规律论坛大學皆知國際部良好的聲譽,讓2016屆的畢業生能順利海南七星彩1084规律图進入國外知名高校,這遠遠超出了家長和學校的期望。



                那些熱海南七星彩小精英图版愛深度思考和解決問題的學▓生,那些卐孜孜不倦學習知識給未來和今後的成功添磚加瓦的學生,我們為你們感到無比欣Ψ 慰與自豪。我們深知畢業後他們會成海南七星彩开奖记录為更強大、更深思、更果敢、更有活力的年海南七星彩1454青人,他們會作為出色的中國使節踏上留學的征程,將用個人和集體的力量為世界創造美好海南七星彩打什么奖的未來。